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Our Origin

To serve 100% digital banking solutions, Bank Islam set up a dedicated division called Centre of Digital Experience (CDX) in 2020.

The goal of starting fresh is to create a product that is useful and effortless, hence problems were identified, solutions were ideated, hypotheses tested iteratively to meet the demand of the customers.

CDX Core Principles

These guiding principles dictate our behaviour to deliver the best experience to our customers.

Nurturing Champions

We love to KISS everything. Keep It Sweet Simple.

Life can be simple if you receive the right help. We aim to give you the power to improve your lifestyle for the better by putting the fun in the functionality and empowering you to gain helpful skills.

Enhanced Disclosure

Everyone loves clear skies.

Everything we do must be clear too because we value transparency and fairness. Our policy of “surprises are only good for parties” means you can expect no hidden and sudden fees.

When it’s easy to understand, the education opportunity expands beyond the realm of what we’re offering you and we hope you can contribute to others by sharing your financial knowledge.

Performance Driven

Our priority is to make our customers happy.

Yes, we’re obsessed with you so be sure to always tell us where we can improve because we strive on outcome and feedbacks from our users. We will work hard to earn your trust and constantly question ourselves to ensure we design experiences that our customers enjoy.

Strategic Collaboration

We’re like a rocket ship sent to the moon. Built to venture into the unknown, what lies ahead is yet to exist.

We’re always up for partners to follow us on our exciting expedition. Let’s see what we can uncover together in this exciting journey!

The banking industry is increasingly challenged by compliance, risk and legal implications. These are coupled with customers’ evolving expectations of digital banking experience. Amidst all these challenges, new opportunities are emerging for banks that are attuned to look beyond the obvious. It is a time of change and transformation, and Bank Islam is ready to deliver as a value-based intermediary.

Muazzam MohamedBank Islam

In Today’s era of volatility, there is no other way but to re-invent. the only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility, that’s it. Because nothing else is sustainable, everything else you create, somebody else will replicate

Jeff BezosAmazon

Meet The Team

Independent Non-Executive Director

Mohd Yuzaidi Mohd Yusoff

Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

Mohamed Ridza Mohamed Abdulla

Independent Non-Executive Director

Noraini Che Dan

Chief Executive Officer

Mohd Muazzam Mohamed

We Run With The Best in the Industry

That's It, Let's Build Something Together!

Amazing ideas, solutions and innovation to our home ground are always welcome. We look forward for partnerships to grow together and continuously add value to our customers, promote justice and responsibility to society and planet.